• What is Biology For?

    If you’re into any kind of science (or linguistics) you probably already know that the word “biology” breaks down into “the study of life.” You probably also know, from being alive, that “life” has nebulous definitions. And with recent world events you probably know that “science” and “study” mean different things to different people. So… Read more

  • Dead Serious: I Found Skulls on the Beach

    I was raised at the beach, which means I’ve spent lots of my life combing for shells or watching jetty sunrises. But I’ve also had some atypical experiences on quiet off-season beaches: for example, finding not one but two skulls on the sand. And I don’t mean two skulls at the same time. I mean… Read more

  • Er-green-omics: Working (Well) from Home

    I want to start this post out by acknowledging the privileges that let me work from home. Of course not everyone has such an opportunity, an opportunity that could be life-saving during a global pandemic like the one we’re in now. People who have dedicated their lives to healthcare work, or who have jobs that… Read more

  • App Review: Greg

    I’ve started trying apps to keep track of plant care. My favorite so far is Greg, and I outline why here! Check out Greg‘s webpage here, which offers online plant-specific guides – no app even necessary! Since this is my first review post, let me outline the structure for you: First you’ll see three columns… Read more

  • Keeping it Green: General Plant Care Tips

    Do Your Research I promise, research doesn’t have to be as tedious as it sounds. When choosing plants for an indoor space, you’ll want to consider: any pets in the house (certain plants are very toxic to cats and dogs, and these should be avoided. The ASPCA has a comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic… Read more

  • Welcome to Urban Habitat

    Who am I? I’m a mathematical biologist/neuroscientist in my 20s living in Pittsburgh with my cat, my plants, my books, and my first friend from college. I work for Facebook Reality Labs as a data technician, and gosh do I love my job. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job, a fantastic home, and… Read more

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