Exciting Plant Updates & Hope for a Hot Plant Mom Summer

(Sorry for the silly tiktok meme hot girl summer reference, my energy’s off today)

But seriously, we have some exciting indoor urban garden updates over here!

New Seedlings!

For maybe two months now I’ve been attempting to grow strawberries from seed in the only adequately-sized vessel I had at the time of planting – a tall plastic cup from an unsweetened iced tea. And up until today, I didn’t notice any growth or anything at all. I figured since my humidifier broke and the air in my place is sort of dry, and nothing was happening, I wouldn’t be getting any seedlings.

But lo and behold, today I see seedlings! I’m not sure if they’re strawberry plants – it’s fully possible that they’re a “weed” that came from the potting soil I use (like the mystery plant in my dead rosemary planter).

I’m hoping, however, that they’re little baby strawberry plants so that I can (a) feel accomplished and (b) enjoy some sweet summer strawberries. But honestly, I’ll be excited and joyful either way. I’m excited to get to know these little dudes.

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.

A.A. Milne (as in, Winnie the Pooh)

Repotted Adora the Parlor Palm

Adora is now in her long-term home in a big blue plastic pot. Here she gets part sun, part shade and seems happy (especially now that my kitten has stopped chewing on her).

Re: Kitten Chewing On Her, parlor palms are supposedly pet safe but I think the snacking gave kitten a stomach ache, because she had a day of stomach nastiness just after I repotted Adora. Let this be a reminder to always keep an eye on your pets and plants, even if a plant is not supposed to be toxic.

A Fantastic Zine

Mine and my partner’s favorite plant store started selling this eye-catching zine, and of course I bought one. And of course I read it all in one sitting, out on my lawn on a blanket in 90+ degree weather.

And it was well worth it.

Some highlights:

  • Stories of gardening grandmas
  • How to make your own hanging planter
  • A Venn diagram showing air purifying and pet-safe plants
  • Eye-catching and joyful art
  • Authors’ info and contact info, which I will totally be using

Oh, and one of the authors has an Etsy shop called HeatherAndHerCats where you can buy more zines! ✿

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