I Plan(t), the Universe Laughs

Let’s play my favorite game: How much can possibly go wrong for me within 24 hours? My cat’s water fountain got mold and stopped working, our kitchen sink is completely backed up (after I spent tons of time yesterday fixing our bathroom sink), I put a useless hole in the wall trying to hang my planter for catnip, I had a nervous germaphobe breakdown last night, I woke up this morning to the cat grass planter knocked all over the floor. I’m lonely. So I’m not feeling great. I’m overwhelmed and stressed.

What I need to do today is slow down and cultivate some gratitude, as much as I want to just be pissed off and not put in the effort. Here are some things I’m grateful for today:

Organic soil and planting supplies

My immune system and my kitten’s immune system


Getting a great review at work!

Our building’s maintenance crew

Chewy.com and the pet-safe odor-destroying candles they sell

eHow and drywall anchors

The fact that my basil in the basil hospital is looking much healthier

A best friend who gets it

The art store two doors down

Coffee and people who know a lot about coffee

Researchers, doctors, and therapists who specialize in OCD research and help


Capitol Hill Ocean Week (the 2021 online event was this week! I only got to watch one day’s worth this year though and not even all of it)

Having finally found something that helps my scalp and curly hair (scalp purifying shampoo, Shea Moisture thick conditioner, quick dry with a silk kimono or cotton t-shirt, spray jojoba oil onto scalp and massage in, let air dry, don’t go to bed with hair wet!)

My coworkers’ senses of humor

My kitten and my plants

And speaking of my plants…

The mystery plant got repotted today into this cute black-and-white number that I impulse bought last time I went plant supply shopping. Turns out sometimes impulse buys do come in handy.

AND: We’ve got more new saplings! When I checked on the succulent seeds last night I thought maybe I saw some action, but wasn’t sure. When I looked back this morning I saw a little tiny baby plant! Hopefully he thrives. I’d like to start thriving soon, too. Maybe even growing. ✿

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