Planting Updates

Jade Propagation

Three days into drying out, my jade mother leaf looks like it’s ready for some watering! It’s been sitting on soil drying out in an old Oui yogurt container; today I water it for the first time!

I read that to water a propagate mother leaf like this, you simply wet the soil it’s sitting on daily. This is going to take some getting used to – I’m not used to watering a succulent daily! Or picking up the succulent and watering under it, for that matter.

Here she is after her first watering. I’ll be watering her daily like this, likely for weeks, until she begins to (hopefully) sprout a new jade plant.

Succulents from Seed

Today my seed tray is slated to come in, which means I get to plant my succulent seeds today! Above is the exact tray I bought (it came in a cute pink, but that option didn’t say it had adjustable humidity so I stuck with the green).

After the seed tray was in & unpacked…

I’m using this article to plant my seeds, since I’ve never done this before. I also checked here for how many seeds go in each tray cell.

Putting the trays together was simple – I was nervous at first that I’d been sent the wrong trays since they don’t come with the humidity control wheel put together, but it’s simple tech and it took two seconds – the plastic wheel fits in the plastic hole and you spin it to cover the vents.

In two of the cells I put two seeds, and in one I put three (and marked it as such) just as an experiment since I had an odd number of seeds and little dirt left anyway.

Hopefully my seeds will germinate and take root and I’ll get some gorgeous (mystery) succulents! The care plan for the seeds is to make sure that bottom tray is filled half way with water every day and that the seeds are kept warm (between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit). In case of random cold weather, which we do get here even in June, I’ve set up an LED light on the opposite side of the room from the window to keep the seeds warm and well-lit.

Here’s a quick picture of that LED emergency set up, if you were curious. These things come with adhesive tape (which works sometimes; otherwise I use Command strips), take batteries, and are press to turn on. They’re inexpensive and easy to put where you need them; they might not be as great as a grow light, but they’re supposed to work for my purposes. We’ll see.

Adora, the Parlor Palm

Until my soil comes in the mail, there isn’t much to update on Adora. Her big blue bucket is ready but only half filled with soil because I ran out. So for now, enjoy these pictures of her thriving near the basil hospital. Her leaves have been dusted and she gets turned occasionally.

Mini Mystery Plant! Life from Death

The rosemary was dead: to begin with. (Five points if you get that reference.)

So all of my rosemary plants are very dead, as much as I don’t want to admit it. I don’t have a lot of luck with these plants. But, in the tomb of the middle rosemary grows a small happy plant of unknown origin.

I don’t know what this little guy is, but I plan to raise it as best I can. As it gets bigger (it’s growing like a weed, irony intended) I’ll try and identify it. Hopefully it’s happy to continue living indoors with me, as long as it’s cat safe! If it’s not, I’ll learn more about what it needs and find a healthy place outside to plant it. (At the moment, it’s somewhere my kitty can’t get at it.)

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on plant nervous systems and more posts about how my indoor garden is going!

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