Things (other than money) you can get from a Job

I love getting reminded that people make more money than me. [sarcasm]

So here are some things I think about to cushion that blow, even just a bit.


This one should go without saying. Health benefits are fantastic, and if you’re lucky enough to get them through your job that’s awesome.

Of course, the capitalist health system is not fantastic, but I’m not going there today.

New Skills & Opportunities

Also known as: experience. This is one of my personal favorite things about a job – lots of companies offer continued education opportunities, or skills certifications, or just opportunities to grow in some way. Even if it’s just fun opportunities, like a team dinner or a guest speaker, that kind of stuff can be invaluable (and, fun).

A Professional Network

This is another one (like benefits) that everyone on the job market or in school has probably heard 1000+ times. But a professional network can be super nice, not just for the potential career opportunities but also as a way to meet and mingle with like-minded individuals, or people with similar job experience, or even people you’d never have crossed outside of your work life but who are really interesting.


Work doesn’t have to be all about the paycheck (which is not to say you shouldn’t be compensated fairly!). You need money, but you don’t just need money. If you can find work that brings you joy and a feeling of fulfillment, and a paycheck, you might’ve hit the jackpot.

Feelings of Safety & Being Valued

I can’t tell you how many times adults in my life told me I’d be replaceable to any company that hired me. And yeah, that’s true on some level. But also – why would I want to spend my time at a job that makes me feel inadequate, or replaceable, or undervalued? I wouldn’t.

Now, I know of course that’s a priveleged stance. People need money, and some people aren’t lucky enough to get jobs where they feel valued and safe and secure. I’m grateful to be so lucky. Some people get stuck working at places where they’re underpaid and undervalued. So all I’m saying here is this: you deserve to feel valued! You, as a person, are not replaceable. You are more than a paycheck. And I certainly hope everyone is able to find a job where they feel that. ✿

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