• A New Approach for Heart Health

    My family has a history of heart disease and heart attacks, so cardiovascular health is very important to me. As the pandemic has gone on and on, I’ve stopped lifting at a gym and find myself sitting a lot more than I used to – and weighing more than I used to. As someone who’s… Read more

  • Growing Celery Indoors from Grocery Store Leftovers

    Yeah, you can grow celery from kitchen scraps – and it’s simple! I didn’t really believe it when I saw it on gardening blogs at first, but I tried it because I wanted an endless supply of logs for ants on a log (a.k.a. cream cheese and raisins in little celery boats). The process is… Read more

  • New Meditation Drop!

    Alright, alright, recording meditations has been so fun I decided to drop another one to y’all just a day after the first one! There’s another reason, too; TRIGGER WARNING HERE: sexual assault, r*p*: There is apparently some group on multiple social media platforms that has risen claiming April 24th as “Sexual Assault Day” and “taking… Read more

  • First Meditation Release: Happy Earth Day!

    I’ve recorded “Taking the Body for a Walk” from chapter 13: Relaxing the Self of Buddha’s Brain – and it’s up right here on my Recordings page! Reminder – I didn’t write this meditation! I’m reading word for word what’s in the book, so that there’s an existing audio copy of the well-written meditations in… Read more

  • Announcement: New Meditation Recordings Soon!

    The cover of Buddha’s Brain, by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius. Read more

  • Science Fiction Beyond the Bechdel Test

    As an undergrad I studied mathematical biology, neuroscience, and gender theory – so yeah, I like sci-fi and I especially like feminist sci-fi. For me there isn’t one definition for “feminist science fiction” but there’s at least one obvious, low-bar criteria a story needs to pass to be on its way to that distinction: the… Read more

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