IndePLANTdence Day: Urban Garden Updates

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I’m feeling pretty refreshed after a long weekend; I actually woke up ready to go this morning, for once! On the plant side, I don’t have that many zany updates but I want to share how my propagates are doing and what’s going on with the newest members of my urban garden family.

And also – I’m trying to decide what new thing I want to do with my blog here! Check out the poll below:

Propagation Stations

Basil in an old Starbucks bottle
Jade rosette & mother leaf

So we’ve got two propagation-specific updates over here: (1) I took a stem of my basil plant and repotted it into a clean Starbucks bottle filled with water, and it’s already beginning to root; (2) The jade rosette continues to go strong and grow!

Other Updates


What a reactive plant this dude is! He still needs to be actually repotted – currently he’s just sitting in his store plastic pot in his future pot – but I didn’t want to rush it since he wasn’t doing well. Now he’s looking alright, with better light and water!

Mystery plant

I was worried about this guy for a bit – he’d gotten pulled from the soil, and he’s small and young. That could’ve been devastating, but she’s hardy – she’s doing well again! I haven’t seen as much growth as in the initial period of it’s life, but I imagine it’s healing from it’s adventure out of the soil still. I’m just happy to see green, upturned leaves. (You’ll also notice the leaves appear to be slightly changed in shape from it’s younger days!)


We have recognizable cilantro leaves on the cilantro! Note the jagged pronged leaf in the right of the photo.

We’ve also got a lot of growth! These little ones have gotten so much taller since germination, it’s truly impressive! I’m hoping my strawberry seedlings start to grow more, and that my lemon balm starts to sprout.

The possibility of a personalized plant-care guide

I have a lot of houseplants, all with differing needs, and I’ll be on vacation for a few weeks this summer. So what’s the best way for me to make sure my plants get care? I think I’m going to put together a cute lil’ plant care guide, with pictures and plant-specific instructions for each garden citizen.

I’ll post is here when it’s ready! Maybe it can help in your own garden. ✿

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