Propagation Plans & Updates

As you know I’ve been trying to propagate a jade leaf and grow some things from seed. So where’s that jade plant at, and what else am I propagating?


Just when I’d given up on my jade prop going anywhere, I looked and – voila! – there’s growth! It took a while, but we’re getting somewhere now. In the second image you can see a little tiny baby pink growth – until it gets a little bigger I’ll continue to water this guy by picking him up and wetting the soil he sits on, then replacing him.

Time to start looking into next steps!

Planning to Propagate Basil, just to learn something new

Yesterday I had a couple of Starbucks cold brews, and I kept the amber bottles because I figured I could use them for something. Since I don’t really have anything that needs to be propagated right now, I figured I’d try and propagate basil now that my basils are healthy – it’ll be a good opportunity to learn!

So, I got to enjoy some coffee and reuse some cute little bottles. I’ve been wanting amber bottles for some time to make a propagation wall; unfortunately however these cold brew bottles are too big and heavy to put easily up on a wall. So the plan is to propagate some basil in the amber bottle and keep it in the windowsill where the other basils are anyway.

Other Plant Updates

When I checked on my succulent seedling tray today, the one growth was gone! I’m not sure what’s going on – in fairness, the soil I used wasn’t the best choice as it holds too much moisture for succulents and cacti, but it’s all I had at the time. I’m going to think about it and figure out what to do next – I’m not sure what’s happening here!

And as for my bloodleaf – it was not looking good at all yesterday! I was super concerned so I read up on some more iresine care this morning, and when I went to check on it it looked so much better! I kid you not, last night it was completely pale and flat – this morning, as you can see to the right, it’s perky and has color again! I’m going to keep an eye and figure out where it will be happiest and what it needs; plus, now that it’s looking perkier, I plan to actually repot it today. ✿

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