• Botany 101, Part 1: Family Planting

    ah, ah, ah, ah, stamen alive. stamen alive. Stamen: the “male” reproductive organ of a plant I’m taking an introductory botany class from my local botanical garden, starting this week! This is the first course in a series to gain me my Sustainable Gardener’s Certification, which I should have by some time in 2024. This… Read more

  • wordpress blogging prompts: Do I Like my Job?

    Yes and no? Is that an acceptable answer? By the definition things I get paid for, I have several jobs right now. I’m a Database Administrator/Data Tech contracted at Meta; I’m an educational content creator at Numerade; and I freelance doing audio and video editing & design at the startup WINii. As a blanket statement:… Read more

  • [Luminous]

    Thanks, ChatGPT, for the random word choice today! The jellis blopped along in the top three inches of water, their luminous blues and yellows pinging like stars. I imagined they could see their own reflections in my eyes as I watched, amazed and soothed, as they lived their watery, gelatinous lives full of light with… Read more

  • i have a design portfolio now!

    Hey, check it out – I have a design portfolio! Right here on Urban Habitat. And here’s a little preview: By the way, need some design work done for your business, band, or zine? I freelance on Fiverr, and I’m more than willing to negotiate pricing! Reach out: \ Fiverr \ Landing \ LinkedIn Want… Read more

  • Little Positive Things: Coping with Regular OCd Obsessions

    I struggle with contamination OCD/germaphobia, as you may know from previous posts. Thanks to a lot of intervention (including NOCD, where I’ve received therapy for close to a year now) I’m much more functional now than I was for the past few years. COVID, obviously, was a major trigger for me, and I’ve found a… Read more

  • Empowering Women with Financial Literacy

    I’m currently moonlighting at an awesome startup – WINii, community-based financial literacy and empowerment specifically for women working in tech (women like me). I’m working on podcast and video editing, critical editing, and business development/outreach – I wanted to share two posters I designed recently! I’m excited about them, and excited to be involved with… Read more

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