• [improve]

    Don’t we all want to improve our lives, ourselves? Improve, improve improve, a constant march toward the best, strongest skeleton in the graveyard. It’s all improvement, all the way down – self-help, professional certifications, standardized test scores, until you look up one day and realize that every number on your sheet was dumb luck. Do… Read more

  • Life Updates & the Future of Urban Habitat!

    Hello readers! It’s been a while. I’ve had quite a bit of good stuff going on recently and so I’ve not been posting as much, or doing as much random word generator writing. I wanted to update on some of what’s going on and on the anticipated future of the Urban Habitat web spot! And,… Read more

  • [talkative]

    I have been described as: shy, bouncy, optimistic, pessimistic, grumpy, difficult, bratty, kind, compassionate, loud, quiet I have never been described as talkative, or as friendly, but have as loud, and as good at making friends. It is crazy, truly, the depth and also shallowness of human language compared to human thought; I feel myself… Read more

  • Ittty-Bitty Illustrator Tutorials: Make a Picture Into a Live Paint Object to Color

    When I need a quick tutorial, I don’t want to parse through a video or read a diatribe on why someone loves a product before I learn to do what I want to do. So I’m launching this series of simple, straightforward, specific instructions on how to do different things in Adobe Illustrator and related… Read more

  • Botany 101, Part 2: The Knees of the Bees (and of the Trees)

    Evolutionary Morphology: Form Follows Function There are some decidedly weird shapes in nature. Take tree knees, for instance: How and why did they form in such ways? These odd marshy lumps, as well as the rest of the forms of nature, have evolution to thank for their existence. According to our current understanding of evolution,… Read more

  • Learnception: Learning Learning Theories for Instructional Design, & My Philosophy of Instructional Design

    As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I started my career at a STEM e-learning startup (expii), first designing meaningful high-school level biology quiz questions to really help students ace the material, then designing images/infographics and explanations to simply explain topics in that same level of biology. More recently my career has taken me further… Read more

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