Don’t we all want to improve our lives, ourselves? Improve, improve improve, a constant march toward the best, strongest skeleton in the graveyard. It’s all improvement, all the way down – self-help, professional certifications, standardized test scores, until you look up one day and realize that every number on your sheet was dumb luck.

Do we want to improve our lives, ourselves, or do we want to improve our value to a capitalistic system so we can write on our headstones the figures and zeroes we died with in our checking accounts? Do we want to drive the fancy red cars because we enjoy driving the fancy red cars, because it bolsters our joy and the joy of our loved ones, or do we want to speed down the highways in Ferraris because the shinier the car, the more heads it turns? Are we keeping up with the Joneses only to forget who we are, who we once wanted to be?

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