My Work is Live!

Okay, so I actually started my post-college career at a startup, as you may know if you’ve followed Urban Habitat for a while – I was an educational content and quiz creator at a local startup called Expii. I interned there twice during undergrad, then rolled over into working for them full-time contract after I graduated during the height of the pandemic.

Now I’m doing freelance work for a friend’s startup, another company who’s mission I truly respect and find joy in being a part of: WINii. WINii’s mission? To empower women financially with knowledge, community support, and practical actions.

So, what am I doing for them? I’ve been doing design and business development work. So far this has mostly entailed editing video and audio for the WINii Moneybites podcast; however recently I’ve branched into social media marketing design making reels to tease new podcast episodes. I’m also working on getting myself a speaking/comedy gig to promote WINii – more on that sometime, hopefully!

For now, enjoy our most recent podcast/youtube episode that just went live!

Oh, and here are the reels/shorts I designed and edited, which I’m particularly proud of. Enjoy, and learn something!

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