We’re Back! What Happened & What’s New

Well, first of all, we’re back! You may have noticed urbanhabitat was down for a while. I was busy making some changes to the layout – and to my career track.

It’s time I got to be creative again. It’s time I advocate for myself and feel appreciated. (More on how a career in tech left me struggling in later posts). I’m freelancing!

So what’s new, specifically?

Well, I’ve updated the design of the site as you can see. Plus, a new page: My Portfolio! I’m excited to be working on plenty of creative projects, both privately & professionally.

So what can you expect here now? Lots of the same – plant care, indoor garden updates, creative writing – plus original art, designs, and music made by me. For some specific examples I’m considering publishing another book of poetry, working on some fan fictions, and learning graphic/UX design.

So stick with me! And welcome back.

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