Guerilla Gardening!

Guerilla: of or relating to an unauthorized, edgy, or disruptive version of an activity

Kaboom it! – like Leslie Knope. It’s not a good general rule to live by but in the case of designing a more natural, native lawn – ask forgiveness, not permission.

I always like to see native plant lawns. So when Bowman’s Hill near New Hope, PA had their annual native plant sale (selling root-bound natives for $4 a pop) I rescued a few round-leaf ragworts to plant in my building’s front yard.

Now, ironically I don’t have a trowel. So finger-digging it was.

I met some lovely earthworms and a strange elongated-looking potato bug on my dirty journey.

These ragworts are supposed to be semi-evergreen and a lovely ground cover with fantastical yellow flowers. They’re native to this environment and according to the lovely naturalist at Bowman’s, as long as the soil isn’t too sandy (as in, they wouldn’t do as well back home on the Jersey coast) they’ll grow happily.

Round leaved ragwort plants planted in Pittsburgh, PA

I’m hoping to do some more guerilla gardening around Pittsburgh soon!

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve near New Hope, Pennsylvania

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