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FYI: art ~slightly~ NSFW

I finally decided to spend a tiny bit of money on Illustrator, and I made an !art! of my current feelings.

There it is. And yes, it’s a messy upload and there’s a watermark, so it’s not the full art. But that’s because I’m not used to sharing my art and

I’m afraid of it getting stolen. I don’t need any new drama to deal with like that right now.

Anyway, I volunteered to help out with my local parks and I got asked to do a write-up on why I love them. So here’s my write up!

The parks are where I go to be alone, but it’s probably where I feel the least lonely. They’re such lovely pieces of land – the plants, the animals, and the people I pass on the trails all bring me joy. There isn’t a better feeling to me than being out there, and I’m incredibly thankful to all stewards of that land, past and present.

With COVID, I was feeling really lonely – obviously that was a major life shift and I wasn’t able to easily just go out and see loved ones anymore. I started going on near-daily walks in the park and just the feeling when I returned was wonderful. Folks walking by would wave or smile, and the birds and plants and animals made me feel less alone. There’s just something comforting about being out in quiet well-loved woods.

Maybe I’ll share more of my art/better uploads of it in the future.

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