little things of the week: paragraphs


I made tie-dye shortbread cookies for a coworker. I beat the butter with a metal whisk and rolled the dough with my washed hands. Pinwheels of reds and pinks and blues and greens formed lightly at the centers. I packaged the cookies and delivered them and met a friend; a being, like me, of the simplest enjoyments.


“From my rotting body flowers shall grow; And I am them And that is eternity.”

Dr. Kimmerer says she wishes she could photosynthesize and that one day, when her body is a basis for new plants, she will. The fear of dying or of killing something else, as I have it, is tempered by this thought: we are each part of everything and in that we cannot die.


A list of what I’ve been grateful for these past few days:

  1. my friends
  2. Target
  3. television
  4. my roommate
  5. my best friend
  6. my comfy bed
  7. my cats
  8. the ability and honesty to know myself and what i want
  9. my morning bus ride and my job
  10. cold brew coffee
  11. wide windowsills
  12. pet-safe cleaning wipes


Home is where the heart is,” and so, I try and always be home; a being of passion.

I want passion. I want genuine interest when I share myself. I want to be gushed over. I want to be framed on the walls like a Christmas-gift painting. If no person is an island then we are all shores, buffeted by winds of time and waves of change. And so maybe I can be passion to and of those I never thought I could be.

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