S-tea-l City (Pittsburgh Tea Haul, Part 1)

I’m blessed enough to live near a precious little local tea shop, and during a recent snowstorm I headed over there to pick up some teas because I was completely out of leaves at home. Here’s my haul and what I think, visualized with Parks and Rec .gifs!


I felt like Uncle Iroh drinking this, and it was amazing. So earthy, twiggy, as promised! It gave me calmness, and wisdom, and grounding. Hojicha means “lightly roasted tea,” and according to my local tea shop it evokes feelings of “sitting by a fire while reminiscing about the seaside,” whiiiiiich is sort of an activity I partake in often (walking in the woods though, not sitting by a fireside usually).

Rating: 10/10

Red Roobois

The smell of this tea is exquisite, to begin with. I felt like this tea did have a black tea-ish (but caffeine free!) vibe as promised, just maybe a little less flavor than the smell would make you expect.

Rating: 8/10

BONUS TEA: Syrian Tea from a local Mediterranean restaurant!

A coworker and I went out for a brainstorm dinner and our lovely waitress offered us Syrian tea, which she described (forgive me for paraphrasing here) as “a black tea brewed with cinnamon and cardamom.” And my god, it was delicious! As I write this I’m black-tea caffeinated and overjoyed at the delicious leaf juice I got to sip while enjoying my delicious dinner & intelligent company. If your waitress recommends you a tea at a local shop, go with it.

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