spooky szn brain dump (and plant updates)

I had a dream last night about growing lemon balm; I complained that my seeds never sprouted, and the other person in my dream (I don’t remember who it was) told me to put the seeds in dirt in an airtight glass jar and place the jar sitting in water.

Not sure I’d take that advice.

And with that, welcome to this brain dump.

Plant Updates: Planting of the Jade

The baby jade was finally ready for official planting! (a) the mother leaf was totally wilted, (b) she had some size and some roots, and (c) my cat started picking her up and batting her around, so it was time for her to be more secure.

The first image above is the jade’s new revamped habitat; it’s the same window it was always in, but now with some new baby basil friends and more items surrounding it to protect her from my cat.

Plant Updates: Basil Menagerie

The parent basils needed to be planted in actual soil; the water medium wasn’t doing it for these dudes anymore. One got replanted, and it turns out the other had a nasty fungus. The two soil-planted propagates are thriving in my southern bedroom window, and I took two more propagates from the parent plants! Now I have three growing in water, two growing in soil, and one parent basil.

Plant Updates: The Bathroom Bunch

My one bloodleaf (very spooky-season-appropriate, I know) is doing fantastic – but I lost the other two. There’s no hope for them now. At least my rattlesnake plant is doing fantastically – she even has some brand new growth that popped up this week!

My best friend is an avid bamboo grower, but I’ve actually never had bamboo before this dude. He started yellowing a few days ago and upon looking into it, my best bet on what he needed was some nice liquid plant food. So he got some yesterday .

And the final bathroom bro, my maidenhair fern. She was most certainly not doing well, as I had ordered supplies for her that were lost in transit. Finally I ordered new supplies (a.k.a. rocks and a humidity tray) and within one day of being placed in it she looks slightly better. I keep her in my heart and mind and hope she continues to improve.

What You Can Look Forward to on Urban Habitat for Halloween

  • Photos of all the DIY Halloween decor and party snacks I’ll be making
  • Photos of my DIY Halloween costume (it’s a surprise)
  • Spooky plant facts and spooky bug facts
  • Ghost poetry (when I actually start doing a good job of writing that)
  • Some spoOoOooOky videos of plants moving! (no, I’m serious.)


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