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It’s been a tough two months. I’ve been juggling overtime, doctor appointments, a painful breakup, travel planning, budget planning, friends moving away, difficulty finding a therapist, staying in touch with family in other states, a COVID resurgence, cat care, plant care, and my own daily care. Some days I wake up energized and ready to take this opportunity at change that the world has forced me into; other days, I barely get out of bed on time.

I know it’s a cliché by now, but having a comfortable home-base environment has made a huge difference as it feels like the way my life was burns up around me. It’d be hard to try and rise like a phoenix from the ashes without a safe place.

I’m a plants, candles, and Christmas lights kind of girl. I’m also a big proponent of reading and comfort sitcoms. So for fun, and because I bet there’s someone out there who could use some ideas or affirmation, here’s a list of what’s comforted me lately:

Locally-made candles

Witnessing my plants thriving

New Girl

Local events & plant shops

Travel planning

Creating: especially using clay and Posca pens

Spending quality time with myself (reading, artist dates, trail walks)

Playing with my kitten

Reading and working through The Artist’s Way

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