Plant Room Inspo

who needs porn when there’s real estate listings & pinterest?

Okay, but seriously. I spend a lot of time looking at dream houses, funky furniture, and color inspiration. So here are some room design ideas centered around plants that I put together for fun! Enjoy.

But first, inspiration from my own apartment:

Yes, that’s right, I’m inspired by the apartment that I set up. Sounds self-centered, but people deserve to love the places they live. I set up a home that comforts and inspires my every day.

And so, with that:

Inspiration Boards!

This first grouping above was inspired by that piece of floral tapestry at the center.

This group above was inspired by a palette I made on coolors. (If you haven’t picked up on this already, I love color.)

But my favorite color combination of all time and in all contexts, is black, white, and red – sometimes with a splash of mossy green:

Decorating and picking out funky furniture is just something I enjoy. And, plants liven up any room, no matter the style! ✿

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