Goodwill Haul!

I love shopping at Goodwill stores – no one will ever convince me that the housewares/ceramics section isn’t a pot of gold! Plus, the money goes to a good cause.

I was at our local Goodwill yesterday, and here’s what I bought (and why)!


The top two – this adorable matte-lavendar bunny mug and set of three seaglass-green glasses – are for planting!

Below that are some signs for around the house!


These are for loved ones in my life!

For the Kitchen

I actually already have a coffee grinder and a food scale, but not ones that do the jobs these two do! The grinder I have is a blade grinder, meaning I can only make grounds of one size; the food scale I have doesn’t measure small ounce amounts well. Hopefully these come in handy.

I got some clothes too, but I won’t be posting those – all together I spent just $66!

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