Sometimes, you just don’t know – keep your eyes open & stay hopeful!

So as mentioned in prior posts, I recently repotted and moved my catnip plant. This poor plant has been moved about three times in the last month and a half; needless to say, I was a little concerned about its ability to survive all the changes.

However, looking at it today – it’s doing so much better than I’d hoped. He’s a resilient little dude. Let’s take a look:

Home #1 – on the floor in the living room, semi-bright sunlight

Here’s my kitten watching TV next to an empty pot and the catnip in it’s old home.

Home #2 – in a south-facing window with plenty of direct sunlight and away from my kitty cat

Catnip is in the red pot here. It was on and off in this home; it got too much sun at times to the point of noticeable damage, but it recovered well with care. I knew it couldn’t stay there forever, though.

Home #3, just after repotting – a wall planter above it’s original home in the living room, but a smaller pot than I’d hoped to have

Catnip seemed a bit droopy and possibly shocked to be moved yet again. You’ll also notice some leaf damage. The plant’s hanging pretty limply over the edge of the new pot.

Home #3, this morning

There’s growth, less droopiness, and a brighter green color!

Now, I don’t like to be one of those people that sees a lesson in everything. But on a Friday when I’m tired physically and emotionally, seeing my catnip starting to thrive where I wasn’t sure it would has reminded me that I can’t see the future; I can only keep my eyes open and keep hope in my heart, and do my best from there. ✿

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