When’s-my-lemon-balm-going-to-germinate-Day (Wednesday)

Good news – my cilantro has already begun to grow, much earlier than expected! Meanwhile I still await the germination of my lemon balm seeds. The mystery plant also appears to still be doing well, although it might need a less-sunny spot as the weather gets warmer and brighter based on the look of some of its leaves. I’m hoping to soon be able to identify it as well! I talked to my dad about the shape of its leaves and he said some of his plants have drastically changed leaf shape as they’ve matured – his Rose of Sharon’s, for example.

For your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the baby cilantro, plus the weird and wonderful book I’m currently reading about the human gut. There’s some great info in there about how our body uses what we eat, including plant matter.

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