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Ponytail Palm

I was at the botanical garden again over the weekend with my best friend, and the full-grown ponytail palm they had caught my eye. I knew these gorgeously weird succulents were cat safe, but I’d never really gotten a good look at one. Looking at the garden’s I thought: wow, I need one of those sometime!

And then we went to the gift shop and they had one for $23, and the rest is history. Here’s my new ponytail palm:

With updates to my herb garden, that makes 18 plants – soon to be 20!

A growing herb garden (pun intended)

At this point, I have two basil plants doing well and cilantro newly planted. My lemon balm seeds just came in the mail, so within the week I’ll have lemon balm planted as well!

How I saved my dying basil: After I took them out of soil, changing out their water EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. has made all the difference! (a hydroponics system would work too, but I’m not made of money)

memeing in-my-feelings time

~~i am slightly sunburnt & sad // so i made memes~~

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