Growing Celery Indoors from Grocery Store Leftovers

Yeah, you can grow celery from kitchen scraps – and it’s simple! I didn’t really believe it when I saw it on gardening blogs at first, but I tried it because I wanted an endless supply of logs for ants on a log (a.k.a. cream cheese and raisins in little celery boats).

The process is simple enough: use the bottom cut from a head of celery and place it floating in water. Replace the water regularly and watch celery sprout from the center of the cutting! Once you have a good amount of growth, you can place your new celery plant in potting soil. It seems to like a lot of sun and a good amount of water.

Now, there is a downside to a plant that likes a good bit of water and a good bit of direct sun – fungal growth. Right now I’ve got some nice ‘shrooms popping up in my celery pot; however the celery itself seems perfectly healthy. In fact, it’s grown quite a bit even with the fungus in there. My concern isn’t so much the celery plant at this point, then, but that I want to remove the fungus so that my cat doesn’t get at it. She likes to nibble on plants, so I carefully control what flora enter my home.

My plan is to pluck and remove as much fungus as I can and then replace the top layer of soil in the pot. This way (1) the fungus, at least what my cat can get at, is gone, and (2) the celery plant remains mostly undisturbed. I read about this method here.

In other plant news, I’m now growing a sweet little catnip plant (partial shade, regular watering without overwatering) and have started using a new type of potting soil: compressed organic potting soil. The compressed size is fantastic because my apartment isn’t huge and I use a lot of soil; my one qualm is that you’d better really go slowly and titrate as you add water because I ended up with a muddy mess! For now this soil has only been put to use for the catnip and it’s doing well; next use is going to be carrots from seed.

And what’s upcoming for my planting? My next project is going to be propagating basil (and hopefully other plants, potentially hawthorn) in vials – check out propagation walls. If I successfully build a propagation wall for cheap, I’ll post about my methods. For now, wish my celery & I good luck! And a happy mother’s day to all you femme caregivers out there. ✿

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