New Meditation Drop!

Alright, alright, recording meditations has been so fun I decided to drop another one to y’all just a day after the first one!

There’s another reason, too; TRIGGER WARNING HERE: sexual assault, r*p*: There is apparently some group on multiple social media platforms that has risen claiming April 24th as “Sexual Assault Day” and “taking back what is rightfully theirs,” as in, other people’s bodies. This makes me (and a lot of us) sick and it just makes me want to lose myself in meditation, truthfully. That’s why I picked this specific reading from Buddha’s Brain to do today. It’s from chapter 5, Cooling the Fires, because I think we all need and deserve a few moments of calm concentration in our days. Check it out on the Recordings page.

And alright, alright – I said I wouldn’t be embedding the recorded meditations into announcement posts, but I just can’t help myself. So if you don’t feel like navigating to a new page, listen below!

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