First Meditation Release: Happy Earth Day!

I’ve recorded “Taking the Body for a Walk” from chapter 13: Relaxing the Self of Buddha’s Brain – and it’s up right here on my Recordings page!

Reminder – I didn’t write this meditation! I’m reading word for word what’s in the book, so that there’s an existing audio copy of the well-written meditations in there.

About this meditation:

Chapter 13: Relaxing the Self talks about how we are people and can be people without a strong sense of an omnipresent, unchanging “self.” I find this idea interesting especially as we celebrate Earth Day today; we are open systems, changing and being changed by the systems around us. We are of the Earth and the atmosphere. Although we can distinguish between our person and other persons, other beings, or objects; although we can recognize our own consciousness; we can “relax the subtle sense of contraction at the very nub of ‘me’” and allow “ego and egotism [to] fade to the background” (Buddha’s Brain, page 205).

This meditation focuses on walking, maybe outside if you so desire, exploring body and environment while relaxing a sense of individual self. It begins seated, allows a short duration for walking about, and returns to a seat at the end.

Meditation duration: ~6 minutes

And here it is, if you don’t feel like navigating to another page – but usually I won’t be adding these to any posts!

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