Announcement: New Meditation Recordings Soon!

So, I’m a huge fan of the book Buddha’s Brain. It teaches meditation skills and the neural substrates of deep concentration, feelings of joy and happiness, etc. (so, basically a dream for someone who loves neuroscience and meditation!)

My one qualm? The wonderful meditations written into the book are just that: written into the book. I personally find it hard to meditate and read, especially because I like to close my eyes while meditating. So here’s the announcement: I will be recording the meditations in the book and posting them here on my blog so that those who also don’t like to read-itate can listen to the wonderful meditations by Rick Hanson.

Before I get started on this, I do want to give full credit for the meditations themselves to the book and its authors. I’m not the one who created these – I’m just transcribing them, in a way. I hope these will help brighten someone’s practice! ✿

Image courtesy of GoodReads

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