Supporting your own Resilience

Honestly, I’ve been feeling crappy. I’m over it with this pandemic (don’t worry – I’m still masking and whatnot!), I’m tired, I’m burnt out. One silly little thing I put together to help myself get resilient is this bingo board:

I made and shared this bingo board with coworkers.

I think the important thing about resilience and health is that everyone’s looks different. Meditation works for some people and not for others. Some people feel great when they exercise every day, others’ eating disorders get triggered by too much exercise. Some people get relaxed by video games, others get stressed. It’s all about finding and respecting your balance. Even my own days look different:

Playing bingo with myself definitely isn’t “fixing” me, but it’s something small and simple that I enjoy, and it helps me check in on myself. Put something together for yourself today. ✿

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