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Welcome to Urban Habitat

I’m a mathematical biologist/neuroscientist in my 20s living in Pittsburgh with my cat, my plants, my books, and my first friend from college. I work for Facebook Reality Labs as a data technician, and gosh do I love my job. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job, a fantastic home, and fantastic beings to share my life with. And, to soon be starting a certificate in sustainable development from MIT.

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the first day of summer

It’s the first day of summer and despite a beautiful sun-filled sky, warm breezy weather, and cloudless blue, I’m not feeling up to snuff. I’m feeling lethargic, down, and although lonely I have no desire to go converse with folks. Days like this are…depressing. It’s like, I wake up looking out at a sunny morning […]

Bath Time: Airplant Watering Tips & Tricks

The Basic Steps: (1) Fill a container large enough that the entire air plant can be submerged with room-temperature water. (2) Remove airplants from there regular pot and place them in bath. Make sure the tips remain as submerged as possible. (3) Leave in water for 20 minutes. (4) Remove from bath and place somewhere […]

plant care & re-parenting

First, sing along with me! I’m in a transitional phase; a season of pruning. I find myself craving severing poor ties; not craving forced conncetion over joyful solitude any longer. I still want to share of myself with others but I feel much more discerning about whom and how much, in a way I sometimes […]

parks & arts

FYI: art ~slightly~ NSFW I finally decided to spend a tiny bit of money on Illustrator, and I made an !art! of my current feelings. There it is. And yes, it’s a messy upload and there’s a watermark, so it’s not the full art. But that’s because I’m not used to sharing my art and […]


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