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Welcome to Urban Habitat

I’m a mathematical biologist/neuroscientist in my 20s living in Pittsburgh with my cat, my plants, my books, and my first friend from college. I work for Facebook Reality Labs as a data technician, and gosh do I love my job. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job, a fantastic home, and fantastic beings to share my life with. And, to soon be starting a certificate in sustainable development from MIT.

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autumnal advancement!

If you’ve been reading a while, you might know a few things about me: I currently work in tech I have a lot of plants (and two cats) I like to learn, and I like to write about what I learn Over the summer, I mostly want to travel and relax in the sun and […]

ghost pipe, chanterelles, & snails

There is always something in the air in the forest. There was something especially in the air in the forest this evening. Something slipped through my pores and stuck to my skin like sticky seed burrs. The slip-slide-splat of mud; the schmuck of boots on damp leaves; the gentle pushback of moss on the woodland […]

my plant wish list

I’m posting this today because it’s been a rough week. I’m still going through post-vacation lack of motivation as well as some lovely PMS/PMDD symptoms. Plus a COVID scare, a bunch of open projects that I lack the motivation or energy to finish, and a huge veterinarian bill. Plants I would love to welcome into […]

Let’s Talk: Invasive Species

Only in New Jersey would this be the poster spread to warn about the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species on the east coast of the US that’s garnered a lot of publicity lately. But just what is an invasive species – and is that question as simple as science’s definition makes it out to be? […]


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