• healing mint

    Mint is a ubiquitous plant out here in western Pennsylvania. In fact, bushels of it grow against the sidewalk on my street, and a friend recently plucked a full plant, root and all, while clipping the leaves recently – and gave me the little plantlet. She’s been living in a gorgeous ethereally silver pot next… Read more

  • [welcome]

    The hush of greens melts my heart. I step into the space, wid-open, protected. Like a bird in flight, my heart is free; my bones light. The light hits differently on my retinas; there is no work to put in. The thoughts flow like water in a stream, water through a trunk. I am welcome… Read more

  • [sensation]

    Cloudlike, fluffy and airy but the color of gathered dust; a light pressure against my hip or shoulder in the morning, like a raindrop hanging off the windowsill, a tiny bit of matter ready to drop percussively to a splatter. This little lovebug, dark like the night, rests against me, takes my support, like the… Read more

  • [scrap]

    A bedraggled scrap of maroon fabric whooshes through the air, carried on a summer breeze. It lands on a young woman in a gown of the same color, posed against a fountain as her family shoots photographs. She rolls the fabric between two fingers, smiling, and releases it on the wind. The piece slips between… Read more

  • [curl]

    I curl a shorter strand of hair around my finger. I don’t suppose there’s any place I’d rather be than here, but that isn’t a compliment to this place; I’m just so unsure of where I want to go. The curling gets more agressive as I zone out, the sun behind the blinds near blinding… Read more

  • [remind]

    As far as she could tell the space was empty, only periodically filled with haunting things. Familar faces appeared in her periphery but she did not know where they came from; their presence was more shocking than their lack. And even when the familiar faces appeared, she was not sure why they were familiar –… Read more

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