• Science Fiction Beyond the Bechdel Test

    As an undergrad I studied mathematical biology, neuroscience, and gender theory – so yeah, I like sci-fi and I especially like feminist sci-fi. For me there isn’t one definition for “feminist science fiction” but there’s at least one obvious, low-bar criteria a story needs to pass to be on its way to that distinction: the… Read more

  • Comparing Human and Semihuman Environments in a ~1 mile x 1 mile Square of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Installment 1

    Overview Humans are ecosystem engineers, creating urban spaces the world has never seen the likes of before. As we seek to change and improve our cities for better human quality of life and longevity, we affect the species we share our spaces with; we are not apart from nature but rather a part of nature.… Read more

  • Pittsburgh’s Bike(+) Plan

    The Master Plan MoveForwardPGH BikePGH I’ve been wanting to bike the roads around Pittsburgh since I first came here, but circumstances stopped me. For one thing, I have a beach cruiser – not a great ride for city roads. I could, however, have just bought a new bike if there were more bike lanes and… Read more

  • Period Workout Ideas, Because You Deserve to Feel Better While Bleeding

    I’m having a particularly gross and rough period, and it got me thinking: as much as I don’t want to move, would getting up and working out make me feel better? I’ve been going on walks, and that’s helped – what more can I do? Now, almost 100% of the time I workout through my… Read more

  • Supporting your own Resilience

    Honestly, I’ve been feeling crappy. I’m over it with this pandemic (don’t worry – I’m still masking and whatnot!), I’m tired, I’m burnt out. One silly little thing I put together to help myself get resilient is this bingo board: I think the important thing about resilience and health is that everyone’s looks different. Meditation… Read more

  • Co-existing with Bugs

    “If it raises the hairs on the back of my neck, it’s a problem. That’s all the entomology I need.” That’s an actual quote from one of my parents, both of whom definitely don’t like bugs. Lots of people feel the same way – an insect or arachnid in the house has to be killed… Read more

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