• [precision]

    Sucker stuck with precision to my legs, wrapping around my ankles with the speed and friction of the noose. I knew, somehow, that these were my final breaths as the squid did as it was meant to do; it defended it’s sea, it searched for food, it used it’s superiority in this space to best… Read more

  • [rabbit]

    Did you know, much like humans collect rabbits’ feet for good luck, rabbits collect human feet? Not really for good luck, so much, but to ward off any potential human rabbit-foot hunters. They keep the feet outside their little dens, set up to look like a person standing in the bushes, but when the rabbit… Read more

  • My Work is Live!

    Okay, so I actually started my post-college career at a startup, as you may know if you’ve followed Urban Habitat for a while – I was an educational content and quiz creator at a local startup called Expii. I interned there twice during undergrad, then rolled over into working for them full-time contract after I… Read more

  • [sculpture]

    The city was a small version of itself in a bigger version of itself, the lifesize version of itself. Buildings sat in buildings, the small versions made of gray clay, their windows being painted on by tiny hands covered in inks and paints and glue. Each child’s building became their home for weeks; Cynthia in… Read more

  • [finished]

    i don’t suppose that i will ever be “finished.” that my work, or my movement, or my hopes or dreams or plans will ever be satisfied. and i feel this in the most joyous of ways, in a way that makes me skeptical of what i have been taught to believe – that some day,… Read more

  • [bike]

    Oh how I coveted that red bike in the window. Shiny silver spokes, the rubber hairs still on the tires. I wondered how it got there, to this particular shop window, with that particular sticker wrapped onto the left handlebar. My own art looked own at me from the metal there, a sticker I’d printed… Read more

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