About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a mathematical biologist/neuroscientist living in the city with my cat, my plants, my books, and my first friend from college. I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic job, a fantastic home, and fantastic beings to share my life with.

What is Urban Habitat?

This is my blog. We don’t live in caves anymore. A significant percentage of the human population lives in cities, especially along the coasts – and those coasts are in danger, along with the rest of this planet. Raised at the beach and a fan of living things from mantises to possums, I want to keep my city life but make it more eco-friendly. The city is my habitat, and I want to improve and protect it.

What kind of content can I find here?

The connection between all of the content you’ll find here is sustainability – a meaningless buzz word, I know. Basically I’ll be blogging about living in ways that are healthy for me and the world around me while building a life I love to live, which for me includes caring for my plants and pets, making art, learning, playing the Switch, and lots more.

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