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  • [bike]

    Oh how I coveted that red bike in the window. Shiny silver spokes, the rubber hairs still on the tires. I wondered how it got there, to this particular shop window, with that particular sticker wrapped onto the left handlebar. My own art looked own at me from the metal there, a sticker I’d printed…

  • [boat]

    She propelled her arms, keeping speed, water spitting onto her thighs and feet and shins. The finish line was still just a distant red line. An orange kayak passed at her left, it’s clip likely twice hers. She smirked, huffing as she bent into the push of her right arm. Her wrist began to cramp;…

  • Botany 101, Part 1: Family Planting

    ah, ah, ah, ah, stamen alive. stamen alive. Stamen: the “male” reproductive organ of a plant I’m taking an introductory botany class from my local botanical garden, starting this week! This is the first course in a series to gain me my Sustainable Gardener’s Certification, which I should have by some time in 2024. This…

  • wordpress blogging prompts: Do I Like my Job?

    Yes and no? Is that an acceptable answer? By the definition things I get paid for, I have several jobs right now. I’m a Database Administrator/Data Tech contracted at Meta; I’m an educational content creator at Numerade; and I freelance doing audio and video editing & design at the startup WINii. As a blanket statement:…

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